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    Safety Interlock Actuators & Magnets

    Safety Interlock Actuators and magnets are used along side safety interlock switches.  safety rated interlock switches prevent or permit the use of machinery, depending on safety conditions. They allow current to pass to the machine when it is safe to operate, for example when the machine's guard is closed. And they cut off the power if there's a potential hazard,

    The safety interlock actuator is a separate component that is usually inserted into the switch to enable the locking mechanism to work. It forms a key part of the overall safety interlock unit. Different types include 90º, Flat, Standard, Semi-Flexible, Fully Flexible, and Specialty.

    How does a safety switch work with a separate actuator?

    On actuation, the switching element and actuator are brought together or separated. When the actuator is withdrawn, the positive-opening NC (normally closed) contact is always open.

    Applications for Safety Interlock Actuators and Magnets

    • Automated Production Equipment
    • Material Handling Equipment
    • Automotive Plants
    • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Machine Tools
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