Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders or disc grinders are types of heavy duty handheld power tools used to cut, polish and grind a variety of materials such as concrete, metal and stone via various spinning discs that can be securely attached. Like other power tools, they are available with motors that are brushless to prolong life and deliver more power, along with safety features such as dust ejection systems, no-volt releases switches, anti-restart and anti-vibration handles.

Angle grinders are available in a range of sizes from slimline designs for working in confined spaces with precision to larger heavy-duty builds for professional regular use. They are commonly used by DIY enthusiasts and professionals such as: builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics.

At RS Components, we offer a wide range of reliable and durable grinding tools from major brands such as DeWalt, Bosch, Makita.

Types of Angle Grinders

Corded Angle Grinders: Powered by electric, these are widely used in metal work fabrication and construction. This type is ideal for professional use when constant power is required. Corded grinders tend to be heavier but are ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Cordless Angle Grinders: Battery powered offering the same operating properties as a corded angle grinder. These grinders are portable and offer greater safety as there are no cables to maneuver around objects or personnel. Ideal for DIY, workshops and fabrication applications.

Compressed Air Angle Grinders: Air powered, thumb trigger controlled and generally used for light duties where more precision is required. These grinders can be small and light but remain powerful, as they do not contain heavy motor windings.

How they work

Angle Grinders operate via a rotating spindle in a safety clutch. To operate remove the locking nut, select your disk as per application, place over the spindle and retighten with a locking tool.


Always use safety equipment such as safety goggles, ear defenders and reusable gloves.

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Description Price Disc Size Speed Wattage Air Powered Weight Length Model Number
RS Stock No. 739-8455
50.8mm 16500rpm - Yes 450g 110mm APT905
RS Stock No. 739-8389
100mm 12000rpm - Yes 2kg 254mm APT715
RS Stock No. 739-8458
75mm 16500rpm - Yes 370g 110mm APT907
RS Stock No. 862-5405
Mfr. Part No.DWE4100-XE
100mm 12000rpm 400W - 2kg 270mm DWE4100
RS Stock No. 754-1864
Mfr. Part No.BP110
75mm 18000rpm 373W Yes 900g - BP110
RS Stock No. 754-1826
Mfr. Part No.BP115
- 20000rpm 164W Yes 590g - BP 115
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