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    Steps are self-supportable pieces of equipment that do not need to be propped against a wall or surface in order for you to use them. This is one of their main differences between their closely related counterpart, the ladder. This gives you the advantage of not being restricted by your working environment, making them suitable for use in the middle of rooms or against shelving for example.

    What are the different types?

    **Mobile Safety Steps:**When upright, the safety steps castors have no contact with the ground, therefore preventing any unwanted movement. Mobile safety steps feature some form of non-slip treads, giving you a secure footing as you climb the steps, they may also feature domed feet that can be secured down to provide even further integrity to the structure of the step.**Mobile Platform Steps:**This type is visibly different from their counterparts, often featuring a platform at the top, supported with a top rail. The advantage of this is that it will allow you to use both hands when working. Some mobile step platforms come with double hand-rails for even further support & safety and as standard will feature some kind of non-slip tread or grip to give you extra footing.**Kick-Steps:**Kick-steps are smaller, compact, and discreet alternatives to the larger safety steps mentioned prior. They come in many sizes, however, they are recognised as being cylindrical in shape, with the base being larger than the top. This sturdy type of design gives the kick-step that extra stability needed for small steps up to hard to reach places.**Step Stools:**Step stools are small in nature, like the kick-step. They are compact but sturdy, with safety-related features such as anti-slip grips & rubberised grips around the feet or base giving extra slip-resistance when needed. Some step stools can become folding steps and will likely save you space once folded.**Mobile Stools:**Mobile stools differ slightly to steps as they are commonly used to sit on whilst you work, and not stepped on. They are mobile, featuring wheels to help you move around. They can come with trays, sometimes several, to help aid and support your work through extra storage compartments and ease of access whilst you are working.Typically, these types of steps/stools are used in commercial premises like industrial warehouses, factories, or even offices.

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