HOTcaps™ radial-leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors

Built to withstand the most extreme automotive operating conditions with a temperature range of up to 175◦C.

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T55 Series Polymer Capacitors

• Solid tantalum surface mount chip capacitors
• Ultra-low ESR
• Compatible with high volume automatic pick and place equipment
• Long-life.

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LPS300 Thick Film Power Resistors

• 300W at 85°C bottom case temperature
• Wide resistance range: 0.3 Ω to 900 kΩ
• E24 series - 5% tolerance
• Non inductive
• Easy mounting
• Low thermal radiation of the case.

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Discrete Semiconductors

• MOSFET modules and transistors - including the SiC530 30A VRPower® integrated power stage with a 45% reduction in size over discrete solutions
• High current density surface mount rectifiers, very low profile with Trench MOS Schottky technology
• Transient voltage suppressors - low profile, low leakage current and very fast response time.

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